Ok, so to have a hairdresser on your side!!!🤗 and always strive to get the color right for you, and exactly how you pictured it, is a fabulous thing to have!!🤗 (but with everything going on at this time, when it’s a scary thing to do anything that involves close contact with people, me being in a high risk group health wise) Simon you have taken all measures to make me safe and comfortable enough to let me keep this fab hair in great color and shape, I love my color, and style ❤️
Thank You so much!!!!"Rachel Gough
I’m always delighted with the results of my cut and colour with Simon. His attention to detail is superb and he is very friendly and professional. He listens carefully to what I want and advises on what would suit me. I’ve been going to him for 15 years now and wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hair. I highly recommend him."A-M Wolfe
Simon has been cutting my hair for more years then I care to admit, through different hairstyles to receding hairlines. I trust Simon 100% with my hair and have never had any issues, a true reflection of my belief in Simon's abilities are that when he comes to cut my hair and asks what would I like, my answer is always one of two things: What do you think? Or whatever you like......... Keith Glynn
I am going to Simon now for the best part of 17 years. His talent, knowledge about hair, it’s health and attention to detail with every cut are that of an absolute professional.

Even after such a long time he is never complacent when it comes to doing my hair. We have a full consultation before every cut or colour and he makes sure at the end I am 100% happy. I always feel fabulous after a hair cut with Simon and this not only comes from the finished look but his kind and caring personality that wants you to feel like that. I can’t recommend Simon highly enough.

Having gone to many barbers and hairdressers over the years I never appreciated the difference in having a good hair cut and how manageable it can make difficult hair look and feel. Simon gives a brilliant cut that holds it style and shape for longer. I am going to Simon 10 years now and would highly recommend him. Paula Geraghty

Simon has been my stylist for almost 10 years, I was first introduced to him when he was working in a salon. It took me a long time to find a stylist who has expertise in colour combined with the skill and vision for the highest quality contemporary hair styling.

I always feel physically lighter when I have seen him, he is considered in his consultation and as a client you feel you confident that his service and products are the very best. He is the first stylist ever that I have continually returned to as I feel he has the ability to capture the essence of my personality.

Simon is highly professional, contemporary in his approach, committed to his craft and great company, very easy to be around. I would highly recommend him.Sarah ONeill